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Personal recommendations based on facts

Safty Recommendations are based on facts derived from Safty Data, encompassing the unification of data from more than 10 registers, individual customer profiles and past product choices. The results are up-to-date and relevant recommendations on various product levels, such as the product itself, its associated risks, and object settings. The recommendations are published through API’s, enabling the functionality to be used in CRM systems, sales channels and digital customer facing channels.
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ML Recommendations based on ‘others like you’

Furthermore, Safty's recommendations are driven by machine learning algorithms trained to uncover concealed patterns and correlations within customer data, including factors such as past product choices and recommendations already accepted by customers with similar profiles. This approach contributes to the meticulous tailoring of customer recommendations catering to each individual, and their needs.
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Fact-based recommendation

Recommendations are based on Safty Data ensuring customers are offered customized, relevant products and services.

Recommendations for sales

Support sales staff with ML-based recommendations.

Better self-service experience

Enrich customers' self-service experience with personal and tailored recommendations.

Automated cross/upsales opportunities

Automate creation of cross/upsale opportunities in your own portfolio.


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"Safty’s software contributes to our ambition of thinking personally and digitally at the same time when creating the best customer experiences together."

Thorvaldur Flemming Jensen

Director Of Digitization And Business Development

”I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the collaboration with Safty and their Full Stack developer, Magnus. Their passion for the project and ability to execute has been impressive, and it has been a pleasure to see them bring our ideas to life. Thanks to their efforts, we have not only achieved our goals and but surpassed them. I sincerely recommend them to any company seeking expertise and commitment.”

Morten Riis Laursen

Product Owner For Sales Tools & Partner Portals

"At Lunar, we are happy with our latest business endeavor with Safty, a Danish startup specializing in innovative software solutions. We believe it is important to support Danish innovation and collaborate with local startups like Safty, which bring innovation and technology to the financial sector. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Safty and leveraging their expertise and innovative approach to provide value for our customers."

Casper Orloff

Data & Analytics Director