Match the right people with the right products

Understanding your customers' unique situations and recent life events facilitates proactive customer engagement, ensuring the delivery of only the most relevant products and services.

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Our customers

More sales
Better customer satisfaction
Less churn
"Safty's software contributes to our ambition to think personally and digitally at the same time when we create the best customer experiences together"
Thorvaldur Flemming Jensen
Former Director of digitization and business development



Recommendations monthly

Use our software to constantly know where your potential cross-upsales opportunities are.


Digital conversions in online sales

Establish a streamlined and digitally-driven sales channel, empowering customers to self-service through every stage, from initial discovery to final acceptance.

Sell more with relevant and personalized recommendations

Personalize your product recommendations

By integrating data from public registers and combining it through ML and algorithmic thinking, the insights you receive are not only relevant to the individual customer but also up-to-date and actionable.

Sell more with relevant recommendations

With unique insights into each customer, you can now provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with their current needs and situation.

Cool features

Personalized Customer Experiences

Safty Advisor leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized product recommendations, enhancing CRM, sales, and digital channels with tailored offerings. By providing each customer with relevant suggestions based on their preferences and behaviors, you can create engaging and memorable experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction.

Automated Quote Creation

Streamline your sales processes with Safty Advisor, which automates the creation of customized quotes for each customer. By integrating seamlessly with your systems, it generates accurate quotes in real-time, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring consistency and precision in your sales efforts.

Increased Share of Wallet

With targeted product recommendations, you can maximize your share of wallet by guiding customers towards additional purchases and higher-value offerings. By presenting relevant cross-selling and upselling opportunities, you can capture a larger portion of each customer's total spending, driving revenue growth and profitability.

Identify New Internal Leads

Safty Advisor not only enhances customer interactions but also identifies new internal leads within your organization. By analyzing customer data and behavior patterns, it uncovers opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and upselling initiatives, enabling you to capitalize on untapped potential and drive business expansion.

Our customers

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