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Access to Data

Safty Data allows access to information from more than 10 different public registries and core systems, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information for businesses to make informed decisions.
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Uncover new information with Safty Data

Through our advanced software, we do not only grant access to a vast array of data but also possess the capability to create new data variables based on the existing information. By leveraging cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning algorithms, our software can uncover hidden patterns and correlations within the acquired data.
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Safty Data

Safty Data gathers data from various data sources and exposes the data through a simple API.

Access to many registers
at once

Safty data provides access to data from more than 10 public registers allowing for unified real time relevant information.

Improved data for the
fintech sector

Unification of real time relevant data improves the applicability of the information utilized in the fintech sector.

Simple API access and

Our solution allows for simple integration of Safty Data to customer interface and offers thorough documentation of data origin.


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"Safty’s software contributes to our ambition of thinking personally and digitally at the same time when creating the best customer experiences together."

Thorvaldur Flemming Jensen

Director Of Digitization And Business Development

”I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the collaboration with Safty and their Full Stack developer, Magnus. Their passion for the project and ability to execute has been impressive, and it has been a pleasure to see them bring our ideas to life. Thanks to their efforts, we have not only achieved our goals and but surpassed them. I sincerely recommend them to any company seeking expertise and commitment.”

Morten Riis Laursen

Product Owner For Sales Tools & Partner Portals

"At Lunar, we are happy with our latest business endeavor with Safty, a Danish startup specializing in innovative software solutions. We believe it is important to support Danish innovation and collaborate with local startups like Safty, which bring innovation and technology to the financial sector. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Safty and leveraging their expertise and innovative approach to provide value for our customers."

Casper Orloff

Data & Analytics Director